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Post by x/pi on Tue Aug 04, 2015 2:37 pm

Nobody likes em, everybody needs em. Still with that in mind, we're going to try and be loose with them. First of all, the stuff that's usually against an unspoken rule but it's okay here:

Double/Necroposting: Sometimes forums like to enforce a policy against these two but in this case it's a little different. Information and such on various subjects can be few and far between, and it could be months before something surfaces. In addition, some people might need to update, but were also the last to post. We're not going to punish either for those reasons.

As for stuff we're not allowing:

In a general sense: hostility. We're here to provide a safe and reasonably friendly environment for people and a lot of potential posters may be turned off from infighting. However, it's not just direct fighting we're not tolerating, it's also attitudes that can breed hostility -- stuff like sexism, racism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, heterophobia, cisphobia, and other things of that nature. None of them will do anyone any good ever, and we do not want them here.

And no, even if you think things like misandry don't exist, that does not give you free reign to bash men, same with straights and cis people. If you're bashing some broad group of people like that, we're going to have a problem.

Now this is often going to be dealt with rather harshly since, well, we don't want it. At all. However in the case of someone saying something along those lines and it seems accidental, we might be inclined to show some leniency. Keep in mind that accidental/unintentional discrimination and intentional discrimination will be up to the staff to decide, so it's best to just take care when it comes to those subjects.

NOTE: Don't take this to mean that you're not allowed to talk about these things, though. As long as you're civil in discussing them and you don't show bigotry yourself, they're cool.

Spam is also off the menu. For spam, we're counting:

Pointless posts: Not every post needs to be some long infodump, it's honestly fine to chime in about things but we don't want posts to just devolve into one word replies and smilies. Generally posts should probably be a full sentence at minimum. The first time this happens, we'll likely just remove the post, let you know why and just remind you to try and avoid that, we won't take any permanent action unless it becomes a frequent problem.

NOTE: The "one sentence" guideline doesn't apply to any of the Off Topic boards for obvious reasons. It would be nice if you made an effort to adhere to it in OT as well, but we're not jerks, so we won't punish you for not doing so.

Adverts: The purest essence of spam. Generally advertising some product or whatever will be dealt with via warnings or if no other posts have been made we'll just count the post as a spambot and promptly ban. HOWEVER, this does not apply to linking to your own sites and galleries on something like a signature or the right threads. For instance, if you've got an art thread, then we're not going to see the harm in you linking to your own DA. If you're just going to plaster your own links in irrelevant posts we will likely warn you though.

So quick rundown: We're lax on double posting and posting in old threads, don't tolerate bigotry (even “reverse” bigotry), hostility towards other members and don't want spam. Just follow those and we should all get along fine.

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