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PurpleKecleon / PapayaKitty / "PK" General

Post by x/pi on Thu Aug 06, 2015 9:44 pm

Further reading:

PK General | Pengo's Megapost | Lain's Megapost

“Don't let people fucking beat you into submission or terrorize you into not drawing or speaking, don't let them fucking do that. It's a big struggle sometimes to keep going when you have people going ‘you're not worth that’ - but seriously, fuck that, move past 'em. You absolutely do not need to take shit from someone who can't be bothered to treat you with a shred of respect.”

If you've been on Tumblr or in Pokemon circles, you've probably heard either Papayakitty or Purplekecleon thrown around before. Purplekecleon, or PK as a lot of people call them,* is a rather notorious artist who lives with their husband Marl and close friend Eevee/Vee. This trio has been the subject of numerous call outs, two of which in particular stand out -- one by Pengosolvent, and another by Lainiwaakura.

*NOTE: PK uses they/them pronouns.

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A Master list on PK's wrong-doings

Post by Add on Thu Aug 20, 2015 6:28 pm

I will edit this list as needed. This is still currently a WIP

Things that are proven:


PK and Eevee see Autistic folk as emotionless robots
Image bomb:

Later PK self diagnoses themselves with Autism.

Eevee claims that you cannot trust mentally disabled people because being wrong is the definition of mentally disabled.

PK rigging contests:

Messing with deadlines to mess people up:
Would push back a contest deadline, then decide to announce that it will finish as normal.
Comments of note:
You'll notice a few things, the people commenting disapproval have been rather neutral/polite, and MissFluffyKitty is everywhere, trying to make everyone look worse. Guess which one was made into a mod? This goes to show you the mentality of the group.
Also Marl:
Being slimey, as per usual.
The posts in question:
Notice it didn't exactly go down as PK said it did and how quickly all this went down. PK totally planned this.

PK and Marl enter own contest- and win:

so, back in late 2012 and early 2013, there was a user that sprung up in the PMD-E group which pumped out some very high quality pictures, and who quickly caught peoples’ attention, including more than a few important ones who were high up in the PMD-E ladder of power.

specifically, this attention started out with a the requesting of a very simple picture by the name of “A Karp”

now, under ordinary circumstances this request wouldn’t be meaningful at all. however, upon closer analysis of who was involved and how things went down, things begin to get fishy. this particular picture of a karp was requested by a person named Ryytikki, who even in those days had a tendency to – put bluntly – kiss PK’s ass, and who later went on to get mod powers in the PMD-E.

adding on to this, despite the fact that their art was of rather high quality, and thus something that you would think would require some sort of payment or trade to acquire, within an hour of being asked for the Karp picture, Avolonte provided it for absolutely nothing.

now around this point, things get a little bit interesting and weird. in February of 2013, PK drops in on Avolonte’s profile randomly, making a single comment – “beep beep” that once you finish this post will probably make you feel a little silly. also, if you’re not convinced that something’s up yet, let’s take a look at the application that Avolonte posted a while earlier, in November of 2012

and while at first this might seem like nothing more than a normal application for PMD-E, if you actually read some of the information provided, it becomes clear that more than a few of PK’s quarks are present within the application – in particular, the musical naming conventions (they used this convention later on for Trebol in Floraverse) of the characters, the handwriting in the application (which those familiar with PK’s work will notice heavily resembles PK’s normal handwriting) and the way that things are phrased in the application’s description stand out. if you haven’t begun connecting the dots yet, this should be your first real hint at who Avolonte is

but wait, it gets better.

remember the gallery? let’s take a look at one of the individual images found in it.

this particular image is the one named “Death” in Avolonte’s gallery. pay attention to the art style here, particularly the way the Shaymin’s face and posture are. does it remind you of a certain someone’s art style?

in any case, not too long after, we come up to the PMD-E Mission 7 contest, in which Avolonte has an entry. to the surprise of probably nobody, one of the winners of the contest is indeed Avolonte – the winning piece from them is entry number five on the list here

as with the Death image, let’s isolate this.


now you may notice the similarity the art here bears to some of PK’s more recent panels in the Epilogue for seeds. and, at this point, if you haven’t already realized it, Avolonte is indeed nothing more than the work of PK, and yes, they did just win their own contest – in essence, by rigging it – and with it one of the prizes that they themselves came up with.

but that’s not the whole story, you see. PK isn’t the only person who won when Avolonte did, because they were only responsible for the art. you know who came up with the story for the winning entry, and who did a majority of the writing under the Avolonte name?


Marl, you may be aware, has his Tumblr set up at avolontes.tumblr.com; it’s basically the only place you’ll see him on a consistent basis besides PMD-E.


so, in short, PK and Marl set up a sockpuppet DeviantArt to post their own joint bullshit and, apparently, to rig one of their own contests in their favor in an attempt to get… asspats?, basically.

they got away with it entirely by the way, despite how blatant it was. nobody in PMD-E at the time even batted an eye at how the duo rigged their own competition, and the story has almost entirely been forgotten by people because of it.

If that wasn't enough, Marl admitted that the account was a joint effort between him and PK And then PK made a comic about it


PK and their crew runs a Steven Universe writer off of tumblr over a minor plothole:

Post with the links:
PK going after Matt Burnett (writer for SU):
Eevee's comment:
I'm going to just quote this:
"But that original reply isn’t a joke. It’s cutesy, I guess, but reads to me as mostly dismissive. Someone is jarred by a glaring inconsistency, and the response is “ha ha uhhh [some bullshit]” instead of, I don’t know, taking the audience seriously. I find thatto be a bit rude.
I’m griping because I like the show, and this was a disappointingly poor episode, and the closest to an official comment is to pretend that it wasn’t."
"it’s almost like Fusion Cuisine was a poorly-written episode
watching this account try to resolve problems with bad episodes with even more hamfisted explanations that are outright called retcons is pretty sad, and aggravating
just say “oops, our bad” instead of fucking up the canon"
How fucking arrogant and elitist do you have to act this way? Funny how they act like people don't let mistakes slide, and tore this guy apart because of a small issue because they like the character. Wow. This is someone involved in making what they so apparently adore (and likely ripped off ideas from and made a blog based on). This goes to show how much they respect the people they steal ideas from, and piggyback off of, all while complaining everyone copies them and shows them no respect. They chased him off tumblr. They chased a writer of SU off tumblr.

PK Thinks it's ok to dox someone that's harassing them in their call out post


"Merlot doesn't rape and you shouldn't joke about it, now have a comic of Merlot raping.":

"Apr 25 15:10:37 btw
Apr 25 15:10:40 dont joke about rape
Apr 25 15:10:59 * pengo (Mibbit@c-76-110-116-171.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) has joined #pmdexplorers
Apr 25 15:11:02 I will agree with PK on that. 4 years of college heath troupe and you really learn that it's not okay to throw that word around.
Apr 25 15:11:09 Alrighty
Apr 25 15:11:18 hello pengo
Apr 25 15:11:29 But honestly
Apr 25 15:11:29 unless it's Merlot on shroomsworth action
Apr 25 15:11:30 Pengoooooh
Apr 25 15:11:38 I have no idea who anyone here is except PK
Apr 25 15:11:39 she doesn't rape
Apr 25 15:11:49 savestate you're leaving a really poor impression on me"

NSFW Comic of Merlot raping the character Shroomsworth here


Later, Eevee went on to state "It's not rape because Merlot is psychic, and even though Shroomsworth is visibly resisting, she had his consent"
Merlot rape comic master post

Child Porn

Eevee thinks that owning child porn shouldn't be illegal and be under free speech
twitter stuff:

He-said-She-said situations

These are mostly claims of abuse, but unfortunately they cannot be verified.

Marl likes to fuck kids and dogs

Lain's recollection:
Hi, I basically just came here to give my word and get the fuck out. I don't have many reciepts (explained later) but I feel safe leaving this piece of juicy pk T-bone steak for you all.
I'm not even planning on returning to this forum. Some powerleveling might be necessary to tell my story.
In this thread, one of you implied that Marl, PK's husband, might be a sociopath. This got the hamster wheel turning and a lot of things started to make sense.
I am a sperglord (literally. Malaprops make me want to fucking scream but literally) early onset avoidant personality disorder minor not old enough to drive, and a girl. Due to avpd, I will probably not say anything more than this post unless I find more evidence. Marl is 27. Last year, in the April-May area of 2014, I joined the Floraverse irc. I remember being so excited! I was such a fan of PK's work ever since I was younger. I used to spend hours emulating her work (which-gak-after taking more than one art class, I rescind ever thinking she was a god)
The night before floraverse came out, I stayed up late to wait for the countdown on the group page.Ew.
When the Floraverse IRC opened, i was hyped. Talking to people was much less of a problem then than it is now, mind you.
I went in there with the handle spaggledagger. The people there were amiable and sweet and I remember physically shaking from the excitement of actually talking to normal people, and being in the ~graceful presence~ of THE purplekecleon.
Then, a few days later they opened a nsfw Floraverse chat.
Okay, I admit, I kind of fucked mself over with going in there. I mean, I AM a young and curious pubescent girl but...
I am almost 100% sure I mentioned my real age in the main IRC chat (13 at the time) I am not completely certain if anyone in the forbiddenflora chat saw that or if they chose to overlook it due to me seemingly having agency and intelligence.
I mainly went to that chat because it had very few users and of those few users were , you guessed it, the terror trio of Marl, PK, and Eevee.
Well, one day I decided to private message Marl.
Everything was okay at first. He seemed very chill and understanding and...interested in me. He asked me about my interests and favorite pokémon and favorite bands. This was before things got nasty.
I now regret linking him my old tumblr. But I did.
*He called me very beautiful, apparently going through my tag of pictures of myself. This is when things started to get weird. He asked me things like, why are you so skinny? (Hyperthyroidism.) How old are you really? (I told him.)
I made him internet pinky-promise not to tell anyone my age.
Then, well, the infamous dog dick picture.
He asked me if I was into beastiality and if I would ever fuck a dog. I was very uncomfortable at this because I thought that beastiality was animal abuse and told him that many times. Marl told me he would "change my mind."
*He told me about how once he watched a girl have sex with a dobermann, and was sad he could not find pictures for me. I would like to remind you I was 13 when this happened.
*He then sent me a picture of an unsheathed dog dick, just so I knew. Sometimes I am scared that this was a picture of HIS dog's dick. I remember crying at that.
*He sent me a picture of himself. He had dark, short hair and acne scars on his face, but looked normal to me.
The tipping point of this for me, and when I made my great escape, was when he started telling me how he had unprotected sex due to his vasectomy and how he wouldn't mind meeting up with me if the world were a "fantasy land" where it would be legal for an almost 30 year old to have sex with a 13 year old.
I remember this part very clearly.
He said that we would meet at a con, in his hotel room, and he would slowy pack up his lunch," nothing needing to be said but what our bodies would express."
He said that he wondered how tight I would be and how he's always been interested in fucking super skinny young girls so he could see their ribcages.
I never spoke to him again, except recently I went into the irc to try to get him to get Eevee to look through the logs and get proof for me as a last ditch effort.
I cannot get logs for you all, and i regret this. This all happened on mibbit on Eevee's irc in a private irc chat and my browser cookies have been cleared since that time last year. maybe if i call the cops they can find it. not sure if im ready for that sort of stress now but i can. they cant threaten me with legal action either because I am a minor
Oh, i got into a twitter fight with pk after getting booted off the irc for making a "your mom" joke, but that's a whole 'nother story


Lains major post on the matter

Pengo on Marl having dog sex:

(while image links are provided, they images have been taken down as per Pengos request)

Hey everyone! Long time lurker, first post.
I have some info about Marl specifically. The reason I want to share this isn't to gain any attention to myself but because I'm very worried about their dog. I exchanged a few emails with Pengo during his callout, trying really hard for him to release the conversations where Marl admits that he had sex with his dog. But when PK threatened legal action, Pengo retreated.

Here Pengo says that he's holding on to the screenshots https://gyazo.com/3da2458df8131255f7e52f0b0b099f21
So it's very likely that he still has them.
I asked Pengo to see the screenshots to confirm if they were real, but instead he said. https://gyazo.com/6fca686409437c805978d7b77328d247
So apparently Marl has more than one victim. I feel like when there is smoke, there is something burning in the kitchen.

Pengo explains that the victims were asked to have sex with his dog. https://gyazo.com/fcb3bb09b4f6aa9e2d39ff50abd5ba3a


https://gyazo.com/fcdd56dcc4c0a8c09250bf26f1dbd695 (Committed bestiality on his dog)

PK is an abuser in relationships

Pengo's call out (Short Version)

Misc. Stuff

PK doesn't take critique very well

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Re: PurpleKecleon / PapayaKitty / "PK" General

Post by Add on Fri Aug 21, 2015 6:46 am

Things I'm currently looking for caps/archives of to put in the master list. I will edit this post as needed, and will probably delete it when I'm done looking for things. If you have what I'm looking for PM me.

1. PK's ask about Chill and how despite CC created him, they owned them and  could do whatever they wish with them.

2. Any info on the collaboration between PK and Pengosolvent which was titled "The Creation of Lemongrab" and how PK sold prints of the piece without credit to Pengo, then mocked people who mentioned it.

3. Any mention of PK claiming they created Beleth, and proof that it was Exty that made Beleth

4. Mentions of PK not caring about anatomy

5. PK admitting to having an old lady teaching young boys about sex fetish

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Re: PurpleKecleon / PapayaKitty / "PK" General

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