Pengo's Megapost and the TVFace blog

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Pengo's Megapost and the TVFace blog

Post by x/pi on Fri Aug 21, 2015 10:09 pm

Further reading:

PK General | Pengo's Megapost | Lain's Megapost

Out of all the drama PK has been a part of over the past decade or so, possibly the most impactful was the Pengo Drama and the tale of the TVFace blog. As far as us in charge of Haven know, this is the first major PK callout, and it set the stage for future callouts against PurpleKecleon, including Lain's. Posted here is a recap of all the important information that came from the TVFace blog (including the long version of the Megapost) and some of the posts surrounding it made by PK, Eevee, Marl, and others. Archives of the images can be found here (galleries "PK-Pengo" and "PK-Pengo Megapost"), and a blog which highlights further shenanigans surrounding the Pengo drama can be found here (total archive).

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Re: Pengo's Megapost and the TVFace blog

Post by x/pi on Fri Aug 21, 2015 10:12 pm



page can be found here:

the first page of the TVFace blog, this one is where a huge part of the original meat can be found.

short version:
long version:

i will attempt to summarize some of the contents. this will be multiple parts.

as you may or may not know: pengo has known PK and the clique since december 2012, and knew until july of 2013. he dated purplekecleon herself, during which he was, in his own words "run ragged"

they fell out after anime expo in 2013, after which PK made a long, rambling post about pengo and how shitty of a person he was in every way, shape and form. this can be found HERE (, and going by how pengo describes it even so long after, it likely destroyed him. regarding it, pengo writes "the gist of pk’s post is accusing me of treating them like shit the entire convention and being ungrateful and also having a distorted reality. i will admit right here right now that i was not perfect as i have a lot of problems that make it harder for me to interact socially but pk formats everything in such a way that every single thing that occurred was my fault, shoving any blame off of themselves trying to sound right, kicking me down into the dirt, and claiming i did not apologize despite apologizing for 6 - 7 hours."

according to pengo, his ex prior to dating PK was abusive (much as PK is) and in fact, knew PK and was a fan of her. PK also knew said ex, knew that pengo had been abused by her, and helped him get out of the relationship with her. for these reasons, pengo asked PK not to be very public about the relationship they had.

of note, PK mentions in her rant that she is "too open about things to deal well with [not being public about relationships]," this in spite of the fact that she had done so before when it's benefitted her.

now there's an interesting little bit in here that pengo brings up. a friend of pengo came forward about the friend of PK pengo had dated before he went off with PK, and said this:

“[ex-partner] cheated on me and dumped me to run off with pk’s group, and [they] unfollowed me almost everywhere”
“i’ve tried to be quiet about this, because i dont want to cause any drama or anything… […] i’m really worried about [them]… but their entire group keeps popping up everywhere that i dont expect, and those surprises are really painful… ”

whether or not this "pk's group" refers to PMD-E or the Clique, i'm unsure, but i would absolutely not be surprised if the latter were what group this refers to.

the friend continues:

“i tried to like [pk] when [ex-partner] became friends with them, but they always rubbed me the wrong way..and i was always afraid something like this was going to happeN? i thought i was just being paranoid.. im really worried they may have manipulated [ex-partner], and im worried theyre going to chew [them] up & spit [them] out…like mike and pengo.. but sometimes i wonder if im just being selfish thinking that..? im all over the place, i dont know what to think anymore…”
“i remember being really weirded out when pk made all those posts complaining about pengo, cuz even though i didnt know him at all, even in their twisted point of view it sounded like he hadnt really done anything wrong??? i wish i could warn [ex-partner] that maybe [they’re] in a bad situation because im scared for [them]…but im also scared [they] just wouldn’t believe me and would disconnect from me even more… my therapist says there’s not really anything i can do and that [ex-partner] has to learn this lesson on [their] own anyways, but…it’s hard to just sit back and wait… ”

back to the pastebin rant and response, PK repeatedly calls pengo a child (which amuses me to no end since she's the one ranting about how awful he is and basically acting as if he's literally hitler or something) and accuses pengo of using her, despite pengo being so into the PMD-E that he made 50+ songs for her, all for no charge. out of the PMD-E albums he made, he got about 25 dollars for 50 songs for every time the albums sold out, which basically boils down to "you got jack shit."

pengo goes on to state that he is responsible for, among other things: more than a few aspects of the PMD-E, including "Salac" and "Anana," tiny aspects of the art via faces for the flashes, and the entire PMD-E bandcamp until PK burned all bridges. in the process of doing this for PK, he gave up many of his projects as to PK, her stuff was always more important in priority. he further states that "pk claims i was “using” them by suggesting ideas that did not directly correlate to their own advancement."

there's some other bits to this first part but the majority of it isn't all that important, it's largely pengo deconstructing the post by PK that's in the pastebin.

well, until we get to PK's line of " If there is more context, I am unaware of it," wherein pengo reveals he explained all of this to PK -- the context being that, and i shit you not here: "my friends grandma died and her mom got in a 3 car accident." -- and evidently, PK ignored it or otherwise omitted it.

this is related but not quite to the accident itself.

PK also is once again hypocritical, as when something like this happens to her, it's this way:
I thought Marl’s uncle’d be able to help for sure, but as I found out, he was dealing with his mom having major health issues (and Marl is away in San Diego right now because that person’s mom ended up dying last week). So, that put a wrench in my plans. This person would’ve been a great helper: help to sell, help to get food, go on errands without questioning it or saying it’s too difficult, etc… the type of person I would’ve loved to have had around, as he’s always in good cheer and is quite… helpful.
but when it's pengo, it's:
when I tried to explain to pk that the reason my friend had asked for print help was because of a family death and an accident, pk did not want to hear it and in their post labeled the death and accident as “errors and mistakes."


so, skipping ahead a bit due to how long this is and how most of it simply isn't important enough to mention, we come to this bit regarding PK's husband Marl. i don't have a lot to say here because this shit just speaks for itself.

recently marl tried to get back in contact with me. at the time i was somewhat angry as i was still hurting from pk, but part of me was very happy… there were times where i had missed marl as i remembered marl being kinder to me than pk had been. (though now, having looked though the chat logs i’m not sure how i ever thought that. you will see some of these chatlogs through out the entire post.)

from the start i was firm with him in that i was still hurt with what happened with pk and he replied saying he understood. he eventually gave me his “secret” skype. from the get go he mentioned it was for dirty fantasies and ”things he wasn’t suppose to be doing”. i immediately told him i had no intent to be some kind of secret or some kind of fantasy. he said it was fine and that he understood. chats died pretty quickly as we had nothing to talk about… eventually one day he messaged me offline so i replied.
the chat quickly took a turn to the sexual and how marl feels pent up. i gave him the benefit of the doubt and listened to him and assumed he was just venting innocently… until he said that he was basically giving me an open invitation if i ever wanted to talk sexually about something. i replied i did not feel comfortable because marl is pk’s husband and pk hates me.

marl replied

“Mel says she doesn’t care what I say to you
she’s moved on”

i was still uncomfortable and tried to be gentle about it and just said i’d mention it to my partner before doing something like that and think about it… he immediately got more sexual to the point i had to excuse myself… After that marl left me be and i tried to say hello again recently to break the ice as we had left off on a sour note and i wanted to trust him but i did not hear back. while writing this post, the person who, earlier in the post, talked about their ex-partner cheating on them came forward and said that they believe their partner first cheated with marl.

"i also wanted to say, that it was really disturbing to read marl’s behaviour regarding that one conversation between pk and pengo.” [the conversations further down in this post are what this person is referring to]

“i think marl is the one that [ex-partner] cheated on me with first, and i always worried that marl was manipulative too. i imagine there was some facilitated miscommunication there, especially after reading those chat logs…?”

there is no manipulating in a good way. manipulation is getting someone to do what you want for your benefit. it is possible to influence someone positively but if it’s positive then it isn’t manipulation. trying to get someone to do something for your benefit is manipulation. marl talked a lot about me being manipulated by my friend in order to justify pk’s scary actions in the convention… but then, in the screencap above, marl just straight up says ~everything~ is manipulation in order to defend their own actions… and i agreed with marl in this conversation at this point because i was being gaslighted by both pk and marl being told i was in the wrong.

once again, i skip ahead a bit. pengo talks about how PK doesn't really mention things

here also is PK getting upset over something silly.


skip again, and now we are down to where PK and Marl gaslight the unholy fuck out of pengo. in the pastebin, PK says this about pengo.
One thing I did recognize, though, was how distorted reality is for him. Hearing him give an account of something that two or more people could give an entirely different, but same, account of was… really… I don’t know. I don’t even know how to classify that. It was like he was in an entirely different reality, honestly. The distorted one.
now, that alone sounds very manipulative, but then we get to the chatlogs that pengo drops here.

(before the conversation w/ pk to marl)

neither marl nor pk really care about helping someone who has been manipulated and abused (me) if their first reaction is to DISCREDIT said person entirely.  while talking to marl about my concerns he was constantly pushing that i was misremembering or in the wrong. you will see i end up internalizing that.
please keep this marl chatlog in mind for a pk chatlog further down.

(Also, pk never apologized for hurting me with those texts. if pk cared so much about helping someone who has been abused why did pk not EVER apologize for their texts that sounded close to my old abusive ex? why did pk not apologize for scaring me to the point of panic attacks due to this?)

(before conversation marl again)

again, being told i am wrong about everything but trying to soften it. i continue to internalize it.

(i was talking about pk vague posting about me while i was at my aunt’s house)

this is just.. my jaw dropped rereading this. (the blurred out is my friend who came to the convention)

(during conversation with pk)

this one is a bit special because not only is it countering me and saying i am misremembering (as usual) but … remember what marl said earlier that i told you to keep in mind?
“please stop thinking there’s more to words”
“because there wasn’t any here”
i am not supposed to jump to conclusions yet pk constantly does.
they said they took my message literally but what would literal mean in this context? i only said i was done this whole weekend… which the most literal way one could take that is that i was done with the con and trying to talk about it.
there was no never talking again… that’s finding meaning in nothing.
which marl told me not to do.

after this, there's some more chat splices, which are as follows

(before pk conversation, with marl)

(before pk conversation, still with marl)

(during last conversation with pk)


as pengo says:
The text in question was a text pk sent me after they realized i was not going to their home (as i no longer felt safe and honestly felt like i would just be a burden and was stressed so much that i was too weak to even leave to go to the plane). I no longer have the exact text but i have marl quoting parts of it:

“it is cowardly and i know you are smarter and better than that”

“if you keep doing this you’re going to end up manipulated as hell without realizing it forever” (in the images, marl talks about what he believes pk sent them for but those are not part of the original texts)

“it makes me very unhappy and very angry when my friends are being manipulated either because they didnt bother to figure out the whole story or because of their willfull ignorance”


i did not say anything about medication or such and marl immediately jumps onto it, sort of implying again i am the problem and that its all unfounded.

eventually, as seen in the following chats, pengo begins to doubt himself in every way courtesy of basically unending manipulation by PK and Marl.

(the following was to marl)

(convo with pk)

i continued to try to discredit myself

(convo with pk)

shortly after this goes down, this hits its climax, and PK for all intents and purposes tells pengo to fuck off.

as for apologies, here is the start of my apology (before pk made the post about me)

this is at the end of the conversation we had (still before the post made about me)

please notice the time for these logs. it started “4:39” it ended “11:21”
i was apologizing for over 6 hours.
i was afraid to talk to pk but felt like i had to. i wanted to talk to pk despite the fear because i wanted to try to work things out. i had trusted pk and i believe that things could work out. i talked to marl to try to work my courage up and he agreed.
i even have chat logs from before the apology showing that i was nervous but totally willing to apologize

(the following chat log is after pk logged on to skype)

at no point did i feel that i didn’t care and considering i took over 6 hours (not even including the time before that where i was trying to calm down enough to talk to pk without just being a panicking mess) to try to apologize i thought it came across well that i cared
pk admitted they never wanted to talk to me and that it seems marl had also been pushing for them to speak

as for the rest of the first megapost? it's wrapping up dividends. pengo admits that some of what happened was indeed his fault, but at the end of the day, it's not really his fault. he just happened to be one of the many people PK has fucked up along her internet journey.

and so we segway into page three.

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Re: Pengo's Megapost and the TVFace blog

Post by x/pi on Fri Aug 21, 2015 10:17 pm

PART FIVE: page three of TVFace:


page can be found here:

most of page three consists of anonymous asks, with the first post commending pengo for being brave enough to speak out. the next confirms that PK had at that time been selling a print that the two of them collaborated on without the permission of pengo as late as may of 2014. (

i think of special note on this page though are these two( and, which should be a great showing to all of us that there are a lot of people out there who have been either victimized by PK and the clique or who have had extremely negative experiences with PK and the clique who simply feel as if they are isolated and will be annihilated if they speak out against her. this is part of why this thread, and all other places against PK like it, are so important and why all of this needs to be exposed to the world.

the next ask after this (dated october 8th, 2014; is about when PK takes to twitter to decry pengo and his pages upon pages of proof. she claims that all of this is made up, that it is a fairy tale and that pengo fabricated it to make her look bad and what not. not surprisingly, pengo notes that this is fucking insane and that it is absolutely not coincidental that so many people have horror stories about PK and her bullshit.

there's a few asks after this that aren't too important, but it seems like Vee is one of the major ringleaders in this circus of batshittery too, as someone asks pengo whether or not he has anything on Vee (who is Eevee, which i did not know) and has someone else answer in kind. this person is named a-friend-of-theirs, and their blog is also a gold mine that i will make a master post on at a later point. (

anyways, the last post on page 3 is all about people who have also come out thanks to pengo, and hoooo boy there's more than a few. i'll let pengo do the summary for me here.

"there are some people doubting that others are coming forward with their experiences.

in addition to the person in the original post that talked about how their partner cheated on them with marl/pk i have some images here that were sent to me.
i have blurred names out, chatlogs out, and anything that may identify these people… i am sorry if you think i am “hiding” something by blurring these but i prefer to try to keep these people safe as they are afraid. and i can understand their fears entirely.

the top message: i get so many like this. “thank you, i have friends/i have been affected but i am too afraid to come forward”

second image:
–top message mentions who they were in relation to the asks that have been sent.
–two messages after that are by the same person (blurred portion is asking me a question about something)
–anon after that is talking about something they requested i keep private as it is their friends story. i blanked anything that may identify them.
–image on the top right… i do not know who this is but i have received multiple messages from former PMD-E members about things like this
–anon below them confirms this
–last two messages are the same person… many people again FEEL AFRAID and even felt afraid BEFORE THIS.

next image is an email i received (blurred out chatlogs and names) notice again these people are very afraid to come forward.

next image is also an email. more people who have been hurt debating on coming forward but not sure.

last image is deviantart note from someone (blurred identifying sentences and chatlog)
PART SIX: page two:


page can be found here:

page two starts with a bang, as an anon highlights a quote from PK, which is as follows: "just because someone literally, sincerely believes something is true does not mean it happened. i grew up with a mom who believed falsities." the majority of pengo's response isn't particularly special, but as he notes at the end: "i never claimed to be “right” about everything or that pk was “wrong” about everything. i am giving my side to something i was too scared of to before. people do what they want with that information but i personally dont want to be around people who still support them"

another anon shows up to say that while he does not necessarily believe pengo without questioning for himself, "...even without your commentary things don't quite add up nicely with PK's post." and "They are just accusing everyone of being irrational and insulting our intelligence. Sure it can be upsetting, but... wow. I'm sad and do not want to think this is true, I really looked up to them, but I believe you." pengo notes that it is for these reasons he dumped all of the evidence that he could.

at this point, pengo dumps chat logs. no commentary from me here, just captions and a note from pengo:

"it was a request to post the images uncensored because some people were suspicious.
i have only put the chatlogs that had editing in the middle of them… if i missed any let me know.

they are put together in pairs: first images have the screencap from the post itself (with the blurring) overlayed on the caps so you can see how i put them together. second images are by themselves… only blurred the name of my friend (and occasionally other people who were mentioned) however, while i was making this post pk already outed curly as the one in AX ignoring that she had wanted to stay anonymous."

"most of the names blurred out here is curly. there is one other name but they are almost completely uninvolved so it will stay blurred."

"here i am holding three different conversations: curly (blurred), 'spoopy', and 'Tiny, perfect, weightless loaf of Russian black bread'"

"again talking to curly and to 'spoopy'"

"'spoopy' tried really hard to explain what was happening.. i still fell for everything regardless."

'spoopy' again

there's a second part to these chats, which are again provided with no comment, just captions:

"the blank space in these are that i sent 'spoopy' files over skype."

"'spoopy' and i talking briefly about a drawing i was working on."

"this one also adds to the fact that, yes i was excited for the laptop. i even told 'spoopy' and we were both excited. he teased playfully about being selfish."

"blurred names here are not curly, just two separate friends who did not want to be shown as their names relate to their tumblrs."

if you're wondering why these chats look so weird, by the way, it is because "both are skype conversations, however one is screencapped from an email i sent to myself and one is using a skype log checker program as i cannot check the logs from my old laptop well anymore."

it is also on the second page that the legal threat is first mentioned. according to an anon who just checked Eevee's twitter, "it seems she might hire a lawyer with the help from a individual. Just a heads up." pengo responds with disappointment and surprise that PK and her cronies are resorting to such manipulative and fear mongering tactics.
PART SEVEN: the first page:


and so we reach page one, in which pengo wraps up some of this. archive of the page can be found here:

the vast majority of the TVFace blog's final page is a conclusion. the first post on the final page ( is an ask about the legal thread which pengo got -- he goes into more detail about this in the megapost, which by chance, happens to be the next post on the final page.


found here:

turns out, around the end of the drama and posts on the TVFace blog, pengo was fed several (fucking huge) snippits of PK and the clique's outburst regarding the drama. presumably in the interest of not wanting this to extend out any longer, this post also serves as a sort of "conclusion" to it all.

in the first few tweets by PK and possibly several of her clique members, they try to discredit pengo's information by noting that large swaths are blacked out and that in any case much of it is -- in the words of PK herself -- "made up"  and a "fantastical tale."

PK continues by talking about how "just because someone literally, sincerely believes something is true does not mean it happened." (you may note how ironic this is coming from PK. also, i find it a little disturbing how easily you could apply that phrase to other things) as pengo also notes, for some reason when he thinks something it's always wrong and when PK believes something it's always right.

the post then jumps to the individual response of Vee, who tries to discredit pengo's testimonies with the fact that he claims to have paranoia five times throughout. pengo points out to this that this is irrelevant (which indeed, it is) to the validity of the testimony. Vee goes on to say that there are serious accusations in the post which also includes the phrase "i may not remember a lot of the con..." i am unsure as to who "mel" is in this and thus can't really say anything, but pengo points out that for some reason when "i apparently suggests pk's memory is faulty... it's not okay for me to share my experience"

Vee goes on to try and pull some bullshit about how pengo is sensitive to gaslighting etc. despite its irrelevance, and pengo does not care.

Vee later on in all of this goes on to say that "...perhaps paranoia is a mental health issue that should encourage a reader to reserve judgement about tales of tragedy." despite literal mountains of evidence from pengo. if you ever want proof that the PK Clique is absolutely fucking nutzo, there it is. Vee then bitches about how she hates being "put in the awkward position of questioning the memory of an alleged abuse survivor," as if she hadn't just spent the past while in her reaction to the pengo bombs doing exactly that in an attempt to discredit pengo.

we eventually reach a conclusion where Vee passive-aggressively states she is "truly sorry" for how pengo's life has gone and goes on to say that "i hope he finds help someday," which i think we can all agree is little more than a pathetic attempt at insulting pengo.

after this, we jump back to a PK tweet, wherein she states that "it makes me really pissed off when people do horrible things that make it hard for real survivors of abuse to be believed + seek help." predictably this sets pengo off a bit, because as you may or may not realize by now, pengo is absolutely an abuse survivor.

the next point after this post is the email pengo gets where his middleman shows him the logs where marl is telling everybody about how pengo will be "sued" for "defamation;" something which everybody knows boils down to exposing PK's bullshit.

as he goes on to say, despite the fact that that it's supposedly not a threat, it is very much a threat and PK is so deluded that she is willing to sue people before she'll admit her mistakes.

he concludes with this, which i think sums things up quite nicely to this day. "WHY would i put so much time into these posts, time into finding proof and trying to verify that my proof is real, and PUT MYSELF IN DANGER like this if i was just trying to fake everything? i am honestly very fucking afraid… but i know people who have been hurt as well and this means the world to them that i am speaking up. so i don’t know what will happen…

but please please please if you had any doubts this is really beyond anything i can comprehend this is really IMMENSE cornering and silencing.

do not excuse pks actions please i am at this point literally begging because if THIS does not get through to you literally nothing will."

and so concludes pengo's megapost,


before TVFace was abandoned however, pengo reblogged several posts which also summarized the drama. in the interest of keeping this post from becoming any longer, i will merely link to them, as opposed to summarizing them as i did with this final megapost.

FOTO chimes in: (note: this was the last TVFace post)
GhostlyCorvid also chimes in:
An anonymous user talks about why pengo's testimonies are important regarding PK and her behavior:

there were also a few other posts, including the one where pengo posts several of the death threats, rape threats, lynching threats... etc. he's gotten in doing this. ( shortly after, an anon hops in to tell him that "If anyone DID harm [you], any of [your] friends, or family if PK were to release [your] information, PK WOULD go to jail. THAT IS A CRIME, and qualifies under soliciting harm towards someone." and that "Sending threats like this are ALSO illegal, and with something as easily traceable (even if you send Anon), you CAN be fined/jailed for it," among other things.

nevertheless, the anon hate appeared to continue to such an extent that eventually pengo was forced to close his ask box just to keep himself from basically going mad with anxiety. in his own words, "...ive closed anon asks due to the death threats being anons. i’ve honestly been too anxious to post anything directly for a bit."

and with this, the TVFace blog comes to a sudden stop. it is never updated again, very possibly because pengo continued to be threatened, and he decided that the risk was too great to continue.

PK remains popular, as does her clique.

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Re: Pengo's Megapost and the TVFace blog

Post by x/pi on Fri Aug 21, 2015 10:20 pm

here's a couple of eevee's replies to the ongoing drama at the time: and and and

PK jumped in on this chain both on kecrambles and purplekecleon: and

you will note the interesting tags on the latter, being "#ax #i am physically ill today from stress #its like 80 pages of ramblings #how can so many people not even stop to question it #why are people so eager to eat up bullshit"

and of course, we can't forget this:, nor can we forget the feverish damage control from eevee here:

also, another PK tweet, and an anon story.
gl, PK:


Eevee attempts to prove he is not gaslighting by basically gaslighting
let’s assume, however briefly, that i am correct and that the author is gravely misremembering events.

how exactly do you suggest i convey this state of affairs, in a way that is not gaslighting? i would be glad to edit my post to take your suggestions into account.

also, as long as we’re running with this assumption: how is the author not gaslighting mel?

was that an excuse? i asked merely that it be considered while reading the post, as i believe it to be important context. perhaps you disagree.

the author’s issues had a demonstrable and profound negative impact on him and the people around him, by his own admission.

what do you advise i do, in order to not be “ableist”? pretend his paranoia made everyone have a great time? express hope that he can’t solve his problems?

is the author not cherry picking, by choosing which chat logs to post? are you not cherry picking which parts of my post to reply to?

i am not mel, so i can hardly sit here refuting one paragraph at a time. i doubt anyone would want to read such a diatribe, either. i made my point as succinctly as i could manage — partly because the author expressed anxiety over my posting a lot of words in response.

for the same reason, i avoided using his name, and have edited it out of your quoted post here. of course, you would have known about both of these things, had you actually read his post. i would appreciate if you would be more considerate towards him in the future.

Eevee calls Pengo's post "self-refuting" (and yet interestingly, he later went on to write a 133 page rebuttal) and claims that anybody who truly thinks PK is abusive wasn't prepared to think otherwise
i said what i did because i believe the post to be self-refuting. anyone who reads it and comes away with the impression that mel is truly abusive was not prepared to come away thinking anything else.

Eevee fails to understand how qualifiers work, despite being "good at logic"
how very mysterious. but it clarifies that you have no attachment to the accuser, and are just here to make trouble. super duper.

don’t bother; i’m going to bed.

Eevee (unironically) claims that anons are unjustly attacking him and stalking him
“ugh why can’t you keep to yourselves,” says the anon who leapt from the woodwork within an hour of my writing a post. “if you just left everyone else alone, none of this would happen,” they type furiously regarding a post about stuff that happened 15 months ago. “it’s really all your fault,” says the top ask in my stack of over 100 that are mostly anons being jackasses for no discernible reason.

thanks for the sweet tips, but i don’t think i want to take any life advice from anyone who revels in anonymously stalking a handful of people and pouncing on any sign of weakness or conflict as retroactive justification? not really the kind of thing i’m looking to emulate

Eevee complains that Pengo is using him as "ammunition," despite being a part of the Pengodrama
since there has been one microscopic allegation about me, i might as well address it directly

the post in question was this one (and i apologize for thus revealing the identity of the accuser, but it’s hard to do otherwise here — my plea that you not antagonize him still stands).

to summarize: someone had made a cute edit of a pokémon screenshot, so the gender options were “boy”, “girl”, and “other”. this spawned an argument with some asshole who thought that nonbinary people were whiny babies and should just suck it up, or something. the accuser reblogged this, which is how i saw it.

i thought the argument itself was pretty bad all around, but also had an idea for my own edit, and so i made an image where the answers to “are you a boy? or are you a girl” were merely yes/no. i thought it made for a better and slightly humorous nod to enbies.

i didn’t want to include the entire argument, but wanted to preserve the context that there had been an argument, so i replaced everything everyone had said with one-line nonsense making fun of them. then i got to the accuser’s reply, which no longer made sense without the context, but which wasn’t actually a bad post. for lack of any better ideas, i replaced his words with a single unicode glyph of a music note. my keyboard is set up to let me easily type a few unicode characters, and it was one of them: ♪.

unfortunately, the accuser thought i was making fun of him, which i learned second-hand. i was pretty devastated that one of my few clumsy interactions with him had backfired so severely.

which brings me to the following

i am deeply saddened to see these events reduced to a mere “vee making me cry”, and to see the few interactions i had with this person now being used as ammunition.

Eevee's infamous "it's only gaslighting if it's false" post

i forgot to point it out at the time, but both of the people who pasted wikipedia’s definition of “gaslighting” to me yesterday overlooked a crucial detail:

it’s only gaslighting if it’s false

Eevee finally shuts up about the legal bullshit, probably because PK told him to
I appreciate the support but everyone, please stop sending me asks about this; I am not at liberty to discuss it further.

Some legal waxing
As a general rule, the crowd has a tendency to spread sensationalist falsehoods faster and further than bland truths. But it’s not my place to comment on someone else’s legal affairs.

If legal action will be fruitless, why does it matter?

The definition of irony
let’s not forget, this is the guy who abused his power in PMDe to creep on a number of female artists (some of whom virtually left the internet to avoid him) and get himself a bunch of free art, then when called out on it, lied about it and carefully curated logs to defend himself

i wonder what he has learned in the meantime, to be saying something so patronizing to the person who exposed his abhorrent behavior?

Eevee basically missing the point
because obviously life experience is meaningless in the face of a tumblr mantra

Eevee bitching about ableism after spending the better portion of 133 pages and probably six pages worth of Tumblr posts trying to discredit someone based off of shit like their memory despite being given 70-odd screenshots by Pengo
i don’t really appreciate the ableism here

Eevee telling people they have no idea of what they're talking about
hey just as a general rule, while people have expressed they are unable to comment on something, it would be cool to shut the fuck up and stop acting like a fucking expert when you don’t have the slightest goddamn clue what’s going on

and especially don’t parade your ignorance around under the noses of the people involved? what kind of self-absorbed anus would you have to be to do that lol

Eevee realizing nobody is drinking the PKool-Aid
i can’t fucking take this any more
the gloves have come off

Eevee trying to damage control the fact that he tried to discredit Pengo almost solely on the memory issue
i think it’s interesting that your head is so far up tumblr’s collective ass that you’ve forgotten what words mean.  this seems to be a common affliction, too.  i don’t know why this is so hard for people to understand.

“pengo is paranoid” does not mean he is lying.  (who ever said he was lying?  that seems to have been invented by his supporters as a convenient strawman.)

“pengo is paranoid” also does not mean he is imagining everything.

a neurotypical person would probably not sit down and honestly write 70+ pages about someone else’s abuse, when that abuse never happened.

if someone were to do that, well, gosh, they might be diagnosed with something.  like paranoia.
pengo is paranoid.  this is a fact, established by pengo himself.

let’s ask wikipedia, everyone’s favorite resource, exactly what that means.

oh!  how interesting.  so we know that at least sometimes, pengo views incidental events as deliberate attempts to sabotage him.

we know this because if pengo never incorrectly perceived others’ actions as hostile, he would not be paranoid.

reminding you that pengo is paranoid does not imply that he is automatically imagining everything.  but it establishes the possibility, which would not otherwise exist.  neurotypical people do not, by and large, imagine bogeymen.

this is not ableist stereotyping.  this is by definition.  this is what “paranoia” means.
the question is not whether pengo is imagining this alleged abuse.  the question is whether this alleged abuse is one of the fears we already know pengo is imagining.

i know it’s hip with tumblr to never be or do or act negatively towards anyone with any mental illness for any reason, but mental illnesses mean something.  they aren’t cutesy labels.  they are names of problems, and those problems are only given names in the first place when they can significantly affect daily life.

i didn’t say pengo’s paranoia automatically means he’s imagining things.  but the replies i’ve gotten seem to suggest that pengo’s paranoia means he can’t possibly be imagining things.  not only is that incredibly foolish, it’s dangerous: you’re encouraging someone with paranoia to never question his own fears, because questioning him would be ableist!

if anything you are making his mental illness worse, by pretending it doesn’t exist.  good job.


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Re: Pengo's Megapost and the TVFace blog

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